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Maine straight shower screen


Maine elegantly makes the most of the available space you have by creating a stunning, yet discrete built-in shower environment.

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Ponente straight shower screen


Bold and uncompromising. Majestic's distinctive metalwork brings style and engineered excellence to luxury showering.

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Levant straight shower screen


A strong statement in any bathroom, the Levant radiates authority with a promise to deliver in all or most situations.

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Napoli straight shower screen


Napoli exemplifies Majestic's ability to bring together modernity and sense of grace.

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Essential Napoli straight screen

Essential Napoli

The Essential Napoli is an exquisite example of minimalism meeting maximalism and everthing in between. Engineered to perform with beauty, now available with a continuous seal design.

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Geneva Panel Door


Crisp edges coupled with solid balanced engineering make for an enriched experience to be enjoyed both inside and out.

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Agave Panel-Door


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Como straight shower screen


When an alcove space calls for something extra, the Como delivers with its perfect lines and uncompromising style.

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Rio hinged shower door


Ideal for any recess, the door can be hinged from a wall or the fixed panel.

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Rio Essential door panel

Essential Rio

A classic solution to an alcove, the Essential Rio, or its cousin the Agave, provides an elegant solution to enclosing a recessed showering space. 

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