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Crystal Drawn

Crystal Drawn Fluted Art Glass is characterised by its crystalline clarity, organic finish and wide fluting on one face.

Crystal Drawn Fluted Art Glass wall panel

Shown on a Monaco with Taunton fittings and a ceiling bracket

For pricing, product configurations, and profile and component finishes, please refer to your Majestic retailer or email

Technical specification

Production technique

Produced through an historical method of flat glass production, the Fourcault process, by which molten glass is drawn vertically upwards against gravity and through a mould, to create the fluted design. The glass is then brought to life through flame polishing, its interplay with light creating a natural shimmer finish.


Crafted from high purity cullet, resulting in crystal clear glass with greater light transmission than even Opti Clear glass.

Flame polished to seal its surface its surface, locking the iridescence of natural imperfections into its final form.

Textured only to the exterior surface, with anti-calcium coating on its flat interior, protection against hard water and optimising the enclosure for cleaning.

Design parameters

  • Maximum panel height: 2700mm
  • Maximum panel width: 1000mm
  • Handles available:
    • Short / Long Round D
    • Short / Long Square D
    • Short / Long Contour
    • Short / Long Chamfter
  • Available on all products in the Frameless Portfolio, excluding sliding enclosures
Crystal drawn fluted art glass detail
Crystal drawn fluted art glass detail
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