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 The following document is to be read in conjunction with your request for a quotation. Particular attention should be given to Lead-times on glass and Special Finishes & Components.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the enclosed, please contact your Account Manager who will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

Quotations and Pricing

Prices are based on a 4-week or 16-week lead time and are valid for a 3-month period, unless otherwise stated and agreed at the time of your request. Other exceptions to this will only apply, if you have specific terms agreed as part of your trading agreement, or your project has specific requirements, which will have to be agreed in advance with the Contracts & Specification Sales Manager. 

After the 3-month period the quote will no longer be valid and the project will need to be repriced. 

On acknowledgement of a Purchase Order, prices are held for 9 months. After this period, prices are updated in line with up-to-date material costs.


If we have not been provided with a detailed product specification, prices will be based upon the Standard Specification of each product. Due to the high potential for customization of our products, each product carries its own standard specification, which encompasses a series of standard details for that product. These details vary by product, please refer to our brochure for full details. The brochure is available for download online from our website –

Product Specifics

This relates to the configuration of our various product design details, which are tailored to meet the client’s requirements. If we are not provided with the details at the time of quoting, we will base our quotation/the specification on standard sizes/details. For more information on our available options, please discuss this further with either your Account Manager, or the Contracts & Specification Sales Manager.


Majestic products are available through two distinct routes for commercial projects: 

    1. 4-week lead
        • a. Goods are manufactured approximately within 4 weeks of the order being acknowledged by Majestic
        • b. Delivery of products through this route is subject to stock availability

    2. 16-week lead
        • a. Goods are manufactured approximately within 16 weeks of order being acknowledged by Majestic
        • b. Prices are applicable to a minimum order quantity of 50 mixed units per order

*NB: Please note that Majestic is unable to acknowledge an order without the provision of a delivery schedule.

Lead time – Definition

Majestic’s lead time is a manufacturing lead only. The lead time commences when the order is acknowledged by Majestic and is complete when the goods are ready for dispatch. Please note that, due to the high variation on site delivery requirements, delivery is not included in the lead time.

Measure & Installation Services – P.O.A.

It is vital that we attain the correct measurements for each enclosure. Majestic is happy to provide a comprehensive measuring guide for the provision of these vital details. 

Alternatively, a full survey and/or installation service is available upon request. The requirements and conditions of each site vary significantly, as such, your Account Manager is able to consult with you and advise you further on this service. Please note that typically 2 weeks’ notice is required to arrange initial surveys.


Delivery must be taken within 30 days of completion of manufacture to avoid storage charges. 

Prices do not include delivery, which is priced separately. 

Delivery costs for the Greater London area and Home Counties are as follows: 

The delivery charge is priced separately on the quotation provided; units can be collected from Majestic at no extra charge. Delivery charges will be required on the purchase order prior to manufacture of the enclosures. MSCLUK Ltd T/a The Majestic Shower Company Registered office 17 Flitch Ind. Estate, Great Dunmow, CM6 1XJ. Co Number 11937161. 

Deliveries outside of London and the Home Counties – P.O.A. 

We will deliver to any destination outside of the London area and also outside of the UK. Costs may vary depending on the destination and the weight of the load. For either of the above options, please discuss this with your Accounts Manager at the time of quoting, all costs must be agreed and confirmed prior to any orders being placed. 

Delivery Slots 

Should site requirements stipulate the booking of a delivery slot, this is a requirement that Majestic is happy to fulfil. However, if Majestic delivers in line with the delivery slot and the site is unable to take the goods, there will be a waiting charge of £100 per hour, up to a maximum of 2 hours, if the driver is able to wait. If the driver is unable to wait, an aborted delivery charge of £500 will be incurred.

Storage Charges

Delivery of goods must be taken within 30 days of the completion of the manufacturing lead time. Should any goods not be taken within this period, 10% of the total order value will be charged. This charge will be incurred repeatedly for each subsequent 30-day period that the goods have not been delivered. 

Should space on site be an issue, we are happy to store the goods indefinitely, on the condition that payment is received in full for the value of the goods to be stored. Upon full receipt of payment, title will be transferred to the purchaser. Storage will be charged at 5% of the total order value and this charge will be incurred repeatedly, for each subsequent 30-day period that the goods have not been delivered. We will allow call off’s to be made, however, the 1% storage charge will still be implemented against the value of the remaining goods each month, until all the goods have been delivered. 

Should this policy not be acceptable, please enquire with your Account Manager as to our alternative policy, which would include a deposit on placement of order, but would negate storage charges for an extended period.


  • Glass samples from our standard offering are supplied free of charge, excluding fluted glass which is chargeable.
  • Glass samples with a specific RAL colour will be priced on application.
  • Samples for components in standard chrome finish will be supplied free of charge.
  • Samples for channels in our standard metal finishes will be supplied free of charge.
  • Samples for components in special finishes will be priced on application.
  • Samples for components for non-standard metal finishes will be charged for, please refer to your Account Manager for details, these will be priced on application.

Special Finishes & Components

All special finish orders will be placed on a 16-week lead time and priced accordingly.

Due to the inherent nature of the materials that make up a shower enclosure, there may be a slight difference in the lustre of the channels against that of the components. This is due to the application of the distinct technologies to different materials, in order to achieve the desired finish. 

Special finishes, or our bespoke finishes matched to a sample, have been crafted to match under natural lighting conditions. They do not undergo an identical production process and will, therefore, not be identical to the sample provided. However, we will of course endeavor to attain the best colour match at all times but must point out, that the nature of light and colour is inherently subjective and the lighting in bathroom environments varies greatly, as does the shade and tone of each batch of special finishes, manufactured by leading brassware suppliers. In this case we will require 2 samples; one for us to send off to be colour matched, which will then be sent back with the original sample for sign off and approval by the client; the other will be kept on file for future reference. Where there are a number of products to be colour matched, in order to offer continuity in the finish, we will require the whole amount to be ordered at the same time, in order to minimise the risk of variation to the finished products. As such, once a sample has been approved by the client, Majestic will not be held liable for any variation in colour.


The specification of an underframe to the base, across the door threshold is our standard design detail. Failure to specify an underframe increases the risk that a shower enclosure may leak. Despite this, the removal of the underframe for aesthetic purposes is a popular choice. Should our products be specified without an underframe, we insist potential clients to sign a ‘No Underframe Disclaimer’. 

Similarly, we may request a disclaimer should an enclosure be specified without brackets for a more minimal aesthetic. Glass-to-wall brackets comprise our standard design detail and is only safe to remove in certain scenarios. If would you prefer their removal, please discuss your requirements with your Account Manager.

Ref No Brackets Disclaimer 

Our products are tested and certified with glass to wall brackets. The product will still be fit for purpose without them, however, like anything, the more fixing points you have into a solid structure the more stability you will have. As these form part of our guarantee, we must insist on this disclaimer being signed. 

Ref No Underframes Disclaimer 

Our underframe retains water, without the use of the same, as with any enclosure water will find its way into the path of least resistance i.e., channels and underneath doors, if there is not a protective barrier in place, we will not be held responsible for any water escaping from the enclosure. As these form part of our guarantee, we must insist on this disclaimer being signed.

Large Tenders / Projects

Should your enquiry be for a large tender/project, where we will be expected to undertake the loading out and porterage of our products to the rooms, then we will require a site visit to be undertaken, to ascertain the logistics of the site involved. Any initial quotations will be for the sole purpose of indicative pricing only and will be subject to change. Where there is a Contract, Scope of Works and/or a Delivery Schedule, these will be required in advance of Majestic engaging into any contractual agreement and prior to any orders being acknowledged. Please contact the Contracts & Specification Sales Manager or your Account Manager to discuss your project in further detail. 

Majestic Contact Details 

Contracts Sales Office – Tel: 01279 443644 please choose option 3



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