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With your imagination and our assurance, you cannot fail in the creation of a unique and stunning object.

Beyond Bespoke

Beyond Bespoke Shower enclosure showcase example number 1

Beyond Bespoke PDP
with profiles

Beyond Bespoke allows you to unfold your desire for the exclusive and explore endless possibilities.

Stand apart from the mainstream by framing your silhouette with profiles.

Shown with profiles, square fingerpull handle and weathered gold fittings.

Beyond Bespoke Shower enclosure showcase example number 2

Beyond Bespoke DP
with brackets

Beyond Bespoke redefines shower room design.

By selecting full height glass and ceiling fixed hinges with brackets, you create your own statement.

Shown with brackets, round polished fingerpull handle and brushed nickel fittings.

The Beyond Bespoke™ Portfolio allows you to craft a unique piece to maximise the luxuriousness of your showering experience. For further information, please consult with your approved Majestic dealer or enquire directly.

Please note:

  • For the ultimate in fit and finish the Beyond Bespoke Portfolio is installed by our in-house installation team.
  • Prices include survey and installation in our core postcodes. Please see our Survey and Installation page for further details.
  • The Portfolio is manufactured with either profiles or brackets. Never both.
  • A variety of configurations are available in both styles.
  • There is no underframe or threshold strip below the door to retain water. Please design your space accordingly.
  • Rapid survey to installation time.
  • Special finishes are stocked.
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