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Honouring the water flowing through its enclosure, Ice Art Glass takes its physical form. Light passes through its folds, casting intricate shadows and adding depth to the space.

Majestic Ice Art Glass

Shown on a Monaco with Warm Bronze fittings and a ceiling bracket

For pricing, product configurations, and profile and component finishes, please refer to your Majestic retailer or email

Technical specification

Production technique

While kiln forming, gravity takes hold of the molten glass, which fills the mould and takes on the form of the unique design. When cooled, the glass resumes its crystalline structure, in its newly assumed physical form.


Each panel is handmade with meticulously placed flat areas for our fittings, creating a halo around each component and transforming standalone pieces into a cohesive shower enclosure.

Characterised by its soft, organic and textural finish, every kiln formed panel is unique, with no two designs ever the same.

Textured only to the exterior surface, with anti-calcium coating on its flat interior, proection against hard water and optimising the enclosure for cleaning.

Panel size and options

  • Maximum panel height: 2700mm
  • Maximum panel width: 1500mm
  • Maximum panel size: 4m2
  • Handles available:
    • Short / Long Round D
    • Short / Long Square D
    • Short / Long Contour
    • Short / Long Chamfer
  • Opti Clear, Grey, Bronze and Satin Etched glass is suitable for kiln forming
  • Available throughout the Frameless Portfolio

Thickness and colours/tints available

  • Ice Kiln Formed Glass is available with the following tints in 10mm glass:
    • Opti Clear
    • Grey
    • Bronze
Majestic Ice Art Glass Detail
Ice Art Glass profile detail
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