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Genoa Curved Glass

Product Details

Valletta gives you a wider space in which to shower. The in-line panel offers flexibility and clearance from existing bathroom furniture.

[B] Denotes Bespoke option

[S] Denotes Standard option

Bespoke Options

[B] Denotes Bespoke option

[S] Denotes Standard option

Installation Guide

Genoa Bath Screen Download

Brochure Download

Majestic Brochure Download

Available Glasses

(All options available misted or with modesty band)

  • Clear Glass

    [S] Clear Glass

  • Opti Clear

    [B] Opti Clear

  • Smoke Grey

    [B] Smoke Grey

  • Green

    [B] Green

  • Blue

    [B] Blue

Our glass range offers a spectrum of colours and design options. Clear, Opti Clear, Art Glass, Grey, Green, Blue, Bronze.

Available Finishes

(Roll over to see metal finish in-situ)

  • Chrome

    [S] Chrome

  • Polished Nickel

    [S] Polished Nickel

  • Brushed Nickel

    [S] Brushed Nickel

  • Gold

    [S] Gold

  • Brass (Coming Soon)

Our metal work comes in a range of specially chosen colours. Chrome, Brushed Nickel,
Polished Nickel, Gold, Brushed Gold, Light Bronze, Mid Bronze, Black and Rose Gold.

Available Handles

  • Long D Handle

    Long D Handle

  • Short D Handle

    Short D Handle

  • Finger Pull

    Finger Pull

  • Contour Handle

    Contour Handle

  • Towel Rail

    Towel Rail

Our Glass

ClearShield® has been specifically developed to protect and maintain your shower's glass surfaces.


Beyond Bespoke

Beyond Bespoke enables you to customize the designs to fit your space — from floor to ceiling.



  • 24mm Surface Profile

    24mm Surface Profile

    This surface mounted profile provides generous adjustment of 18mm for out of true walls.


  • 17mm Surface Profile

    17mm Surface Profile

    More minimal than the 24mm version, this profile provides 10mm adjustment to compensate for out of true walls.


  • 24mm Recessed Profile

    24mm Recessed Profile

    This discreet profile, set flush into the wall, achieves the ultimate minimal look.


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